Thursday, July 8, 2010

getting there...

...with the blanket. I haven't crocheted for years and after looking at a few youtube granny square tutorials, I thought I had the right idea and winged it from there. I wasn't entirely happy with my first squares and couldn't quite work out why they didn't look very neat. Then I looked at an actual pattern and realised my mistake straight away. Between each group of treble stitches, I'd been doing 3 chains - you're only supposed to do 1!!! I'd done about 30 squares incorrectly so I'm now in the process of unraveling then redoing them - I wish I'd realised my error sooner. I only have 12 more to redo now :) So below are all the squares I've done so far - the 2 piles in the top left are the bad ones that I still need to redo. You can see the difference between those and the rest - they are so big and messy!!!

Here are my squares so far all stacked up. I'm finally feeling like I'm getting somewhere. Although this is only about a third of my orginal target - not sure I'll end up making it as big as I planned. (that ugly green wall in the background is another big project I need to get onto - repainting)

Here they all are laid out (minus the 12 still to be redone). I'm really happy with how it's turning out - nice and bright!


Anonymous said...

your grannies are gorgeous!

mylittlebirdie said...

i love the colours, cant wait to see the end result! so wish i could crochet when i see something like this! : )