Friday, July 9, 2010

technicolour beanie

I made another beanie last night. I love how quick and easy they are to make. I need to find a few new patterns/variations to try now. I used some wool that I picked up at Big W a couple of weeks ago. It was really cheap, from memory only around $2 or $3. It's actually designed for felting, but it worked quite well for this beanie and was surprisingly easy to crochet with. I used about 1.5 balls - so pretty cheap for a wool beanie! The manufacturer is Sean Sheep and this particular wool is called Beulah. It comes in quite a few different shade combinations.


Lilyblossom1 said...

Hi, I came across your blog from the comments page on Corrie's blog and your blogger name compelled me to click on it! I have recently got back into crochet and I am addicted after many years only sewing & knitting. There is an enormous amount of free crochet/knitting patterns available online try Lion Brand - they have thousands of free crochet patterns and step-by-step instruction for each stitch. Also if you haven't already you can join Ravelry - a free web resource for crochet and knitting with limitless patterns to choose from. Also this amazing lady in Italy shares her beautiful patterns for free: and there is a heap of free knitting and crochet patterns at also have a look on - most patterns are only a couple of dollars. Well, better get back to my crochet - the hook awaits! have a great weekend. Cath

frills and spills said...

Thanks so much Cath for all of those links!!! I've spent a little too much time looking through them this morning lol. There are some beautiful creations and patterns there.
I'm so glad I've rediscovered the joys of knitting & crochet and so many nice bloggers with the same interests.
Enjoy your Sunday!
Jasmine :)