Sunday, June 27, 2010


Corny title - I know lol ;P, but I really am hooked on crochet.  It's been great to pick it up again after not doing it for years - much to the detriment of my housework lol. I started this beanie last night and finished it off this afternoon. It's not such a great photo - it's actually a rich chocolate colour and the flower is dark pink & brown. The patterns for both the beanie and the flower are from Patons Learning To Crochet book that I think I bought from Big W last year. It's a great book for someone who doesn't know how to crochet - lots of easy to follow diagrams and instructions. I can see a new obssession starting! I have a pile of cardigans and jumpers that my daughter has grown out of that I'm planning to unravel to make some more beanies :) I've been making great progress with my granny squares too - the upside to being unwell and stuck on the lounge for a couple of days. I've done about 25 squares now. I'm not sure howmany I'll end up with, I originally planned to make a blanket 10 x 15 squares, but not sure if I'll get that far. Partly as I don't know if I'll have quite enough wool, and partly because I forgot how time consuming it is and I have so many other projects I want to start and I'd like to get this one finished. So it may end up just being a knee rug... time will tell :)


Karen L said...

Love it Jas, I am sure it will look so cute on too. Have you checked out this site for crocheting. Love checking here and seeing all the COLOUR - she even has patterns.
You hvae probably already seen this blog if not, I hope you enjoy.

frills and spills said...

I have seen her blog Karen - about a year ago. That's what inspired me to get back into crochet. Her work is beautiful isn't it :)

Jas xx