Friday, July 1, 2011

Exciting news...

Many people have already seen it, but for those who haven't check out Ezcetera Magazine by Kim Archer and her talented team. It is full of great projects and pretty pictures - it definitely has Kim's gorgeous fresh signature style stamped all over it. The first issue is free, then subsequent issues will only be $4.50AU - what great value!

What makes this all just that little bit more exciting for me is that Lisa , from Kim's editorial team, contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if they could link to my African Flower tutorial in the mag. I was so thrilled to have a part, even a small one, in such an awesome project.

Above is the pic I sent to be included in the magazine.

Well the kettle has just boiled so I'm going to make a cup of tea to enjoy while I have a good read of Ezcetera Magazine. In the busyness of the morning, I've only had time for a quick flick through so far.