Saturday, June 4, 2011

Newborn set

I made this set for a friend Ally's  new little baby boy. It was pretty quick to whip up - it only took an afternoon & a night to do. I used Bendigo Luxury 8ply in Koala . I only needed one ball (200g) and still have about a third of it left over. I love the natural colour for a new little baby boy! I love Bendigo wool - such great value! Next time I'm visiting family in Echuca I'll be making a trip down to the Bendigo warehouse :)

I made up the pattern for the beanie off the top of my head as I went. How gorgeous are the little booties. You can find the pattern for those here .They were super quick and easy to make, I did need to look up youtube to figure out one of the stitches I hadn't done before.
The pattern for this cute little cardigan can be found here .I was a bit apprehensive about making a cardigan, but it really wasn't that hard using this pattern. I did need to use a larger hook than the pattern called for (I used a 6mm). I love that it's made all in one piece - apart from the collar which is done at the end, but joined on as you crochet it. If you've only ever made granny squares, but want to try something a little more challenging, give this pattern a try. You might surprise yourself like I did!

I'm excited to be starting a new project for my almost 8yr old. The star squares from a couple of posts ago are the first part. But there is a lot more to it than just those. I'll share more about that soon! I'm flat out finishing assignments as it is the end of semester at uni. I can't wait to have a bit of breathing space from the end of next week and get back into some serious (fun!) crafting :)

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Mel Goodsell said...

Eeek! It's darling!!! You are so clever. Loving the colour of this too, just beautiful. xox