Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finished "quilt"

I managed to finish my quilt for uni just in time (please excuse the black corners on the photo, I had to crop & rotate it). It's not really finished seeing as I didn't end up having time to quilt it - it was finished enough though. After the stress of finishing it way to close to the deadline, I was really happy when my teacher commented on how neat my stitching was. As nice as it is to get encouragement from friends who sew, it's really nice to get positive feedback from those who don't sew (especially those who will be grading me on it lol) - kwim?
The assignment was about gardening and we were asked to choose one plant and choose an audience (I chose pre-school aged children) and tell them at least one thing about the plant. We could choose to make whatever we wanted so I decided on a quilt to show how a tomato grows from a seed.There was a lot more I was going to add, but there are only so many hours in a day so I had to downsize my original idea. But as I said, the finished product serves its purpose.

Time for a break from uni now which hopefully means I can get back to some crochet, knitting, baking, sewing... just for me (and my family) with no deadlines! Looking forward to some downtime :)


Renee said...

While I would love to see your original idea, your finished product is amazing! I wish you could have enjoyed it more - without the deadline. I love it! And once again, I love the spots!

frills and spills said...

Thanks Renee :) I have a bit of a "thing" for spots too lol.
It was going to be a lot bigger, more of a square, with lots more detail of the germination/growing process. I was also going to have a couple of butterflies with the wings coming out of the quilt - if that makes sense. The wings were going to have cellophane under the fabric so they would be squishy and crinkly. I was also going to applique a watering can and other gardening tools. But, my teacher was pretty impressed with it, he said for a first year project it was of an extremely high standard, and he said with such an open ended task you have to decide when to stop adding stuff. So that was good to hear, it's hard to know how much they expect.