Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm back!

I didn't intend on being away so long! Computer issues and the start of a new semester at uni have kept me a little occupied. All seems to be going smoothly now :)

This semester my uni schedule is really hectic, but I'm absolutely loving it! The subjects are so much more interesting than first semester. As part of our Home Ec teacher degree we have to do a couple of TAFE courses so we actually gain cooking & sewing skills - which I already have, but it will be useful to have something "official" to back up my skills. A couple of weeks ago we started our first TAFE course which is Commercial Cookery. Apparently it's the same course that apprentice chefs have to do. I'm really enjoying it. We have to wear the full chef uniform - black & white checked pants, white chef jacket & hat etc. So far we've learnt to make chicken stock from scratch, precision cuts like julienne, brunoise, macedoine and a few others. I've only had a couple of minor injuries so far - a tiny cut and I burnt my finger on an oven door - ouch! It's so much fun though, working in a huge commercial kitchen and being trained by chefs. I think next year we progress to pastry chef skills. I can't wait for that!

I have been doing some creating, but nothing I can share just yet. Soon...

I can share a uni assignment that was just handed back to me a few days ago. I actually started it last year, but never had it marked. My start at uni has been a rollercoaster ride - I had a bit of a false start last year and pretty much had to start over this year (apart from one subject). But I seem to have found my "groove" with balancing study + family life this year and so I am enjoying it a whole lot more. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I was thrilled to have received a couple of High Distinctions, a couple of Distinctions and a Credit for last semester's assignments. It was incredibly reassuring that I am indeed on the right track. Below is my Design and Technology project that I received a HD for. As well as the quilt the assignment included a Design Folio, each making up 50% of the total mark.

I was prepared to make a new project for this assignment for this year. But my lecturer was happy for me to resubmit this one seeing as it was never marked. I had run out of time to even quilt it last year. So it was nice to be able to finish it off properly for this year.

Well I had better hit the books again! So wrong to be stuck here doing psychology homework when the weather is so gorgeous - almost springlike - outside. Sigh...


Keera Job - pattern co. said...

Oh I love it... I have a design for a quilted weather and date chart to use in the classroom and haven't quite got to it yet. I'm sure you are so chuffed with this one and the hd mark! Well done!

frills and spills said...

Thanks Keera :) I love the sound of your weather & date chart. Great idea for the classroom!

Jasmine :)

Just Us said...

Congratulations on receiving such great marks and I love this quilt! Home Ec sounds a great career and isn't it wonderful the cooking TAFE course you are doing!! Wow, you have inspired me to think of something like this later when the kids are older!! So glad to have you back too.....I enjoy your blog alot :)

frills and spills said...

Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to teaching Home Ec. Only 3.5 years of study to go... I only started uni once my youngest started school, and it has been a struggle at times, but well worth it. There are a few other mums doing the same degree, or primary teaching. So it's definitely a popular career choice for mums, and definitely doable.
Jasmine :)

LuAnn said...

I love your quilt, and there is something just wonderful about seeing a quilt hanging on a clothesline. Where I live noone has clothesline, and I really miss it.

frills and spills said...

Thanks LuAnn. Yes we are very blessed here to be able to use the clothesline just about all year round. Even through cold wet winters there is usually at least one sunny day each week. One of my favourite things is the smell of fresh, sundried washing... It's the simple things :)

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