Sunday, August 22, 2010

Been busy making beanies...

... see? :) I've had lots of people asking me to make one (or a few) for them or their children - which makes me so happy!
I'm not entirely happy with my first attempt at earflaps... I have worked out a new way of doing them - which is great as I am working on two for an order right now!

I'll be back during the week with something exciting... Stay tuned :)

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Amy Rinta said...

Hello! My name is amy rinta and I have been learning how to crochet. I have searched and search for good hat and beanie patterns until my mind is numb. I have not been able to find anything i like! Your hats are so adorable. Is there anyway I could get some patterns from you? I would be willing to pay some for them. Granted I'm a newbie and they probably wont turn out as good as yours but it's a start. Love all the things you have on here so I think I will be following you as well.
amy rinta